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What is An RN-to-BSN Degree Mean ?

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What is An RN-to-BSN Degree Mean ?

RN-to-BSN program ususally occurs when you take nursing schooling and prepare taking the registered nurses examination which is called as NCLEX-RN. NCLEX-RN stands for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses which becomes the next step to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Due to this benefit, many students are eager to take the course. Moreover, the demand of the healthcare career increases due to the large and active aging population for healthcare reforms. For instance, IOM (Institute of Medicine) predicts there will be 80 percent of nurses will take BSN by 2020.

Since it is very important to know the detail of RN-to-BSN degree, this article will acknowledge you about some of significance steps in taking the degree.

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BSN Degree Requirements: What’s It Like To Get A BSN?

BSN degree spends four years which is different from the short-time period of training or an RN. As we know, nursing is a competitive majority which has a great path to your career. You could be an advanced practice nurse, but you need a bachelor’s degree for the foundation to enroll an MSN program.

Therefore, you should take a look at the following BSN degree requirements for some nursing schools. If you have gotten the ADN (Associate Director of Nursing), it is closer for you to get a BSN. Actually, every school has their own typical admission requirements, but the following is the general requirements:

  1. An ADN diploma from an accredited school program.
  2. At least 2.0 for the GPA or higher
  3. A riminal background check
  4. The most recent and unrestricted RN license
  5. A passing score for HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam.
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HESI exam includes seven areas: Biology, Chemistry, Reading COmprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Grammar, Basic Math skills, Anatomy and physiology.

You can have accelerated BSN programs if you have a bachelor’s degree of other field. So, you have to focus more on nursing studies rather than the liberal arts programs. It may weird going back to school for BSN degree, but RN-to-BSN program will open a good career path for you.

How Can I Prepare to Earn A BSN?

The first step you need to do is to find the right school for you. You should ask for assistance from the specific nursing organizations like NLNAC (the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission) or CCNE (the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). Those two organizations will assist you for the accredited schools because accreditation comes with some benefits such as the qualified education, the standardized curriculum, and federal financial aid.

The second thing to prepare to earn a BSN is the schedule. Many nurses take the school after work. Therefore, the RN-to-BSN courses provides the comprehensive education in the shortest time. You may also take online programs which are now available. The homework and classes can be taken online. However, you still need to take the clinical experiences in person, especially at a local clinic.To sum up, you need a flexible schedule if you are working.

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