How Hard is GRE (Graduate Record Examination ) ?

How Hard is GRE (Graduate Record Examination ) ?

To pursue graduate level education in nursing, there are two ways to enter a Master’s in Nursing program. A single program has its own specific requirements. You need to verify the requirements of the entrance exams with each program. The two recommended entrance exams are GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or MAT (Miller Analogies Test). They are required to take for achieving the admittance into a Master’s Nursing program. It is important for you to plan well ahead if you really commit to pursue a Master’s in Nursing. You may have to meet other prerequisite coursework requirements along with the entrance exams. Therefore, before taking the test you should do lots of research to schools and review the requirements so that you will be a better candidate for a Master’s of Science in Nursing program.

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GRE Definition

The GRE is a kind of test which administered to students who are about to prepare for pursuing graduate level work. As a matter of fact, there are two basic types of the GRE: the general test and the subject test. The first, general test, measures the quantitative reasoning skills, verbal skills and analytical abilities. The test could be taken online through a wide variety of resources such as which features GRE practice tests. You can also find a lot of review books and learning guides available to assist you preparing to take the GRE. The web also informs the helpful hints, practice software and sample questions. Best Accredited RN to BSN Online Programs

You might also find a plethora of GRE preparation courses that aspiring Master’s students to take to get the better performance on the exam. In some cases, some universities offer free GRE preparation courses as a courtesy to the students. 2019 Cheapest RN to BSN Online Programs

How Long to Prepare for GRE?

How hard is GRE? It could be intimidating to know that you should study hard to get a good score. How long to prepare for GRE depends on you. There is no actual and specific time to get the exact measurement for defining you are really ready for GRE. Most people spend one to three months studying several hours a week before the GRE. It means the amount of studying could range roughly from 8 to 120 hours a week, with the estimation two hours a week for four weeks, or ten hours a week for 12 weeks.

There are also some different ways in preparing GRE. Some people take the practice tests, read the different exam sections, buy and read a GRE preparation book, review the old notes from school or a combination of all of them.

What to Bring for the GRE?

There are two ways of GRE tests: A computer based and a paper based. Each test requires the different stuffs. The details are as follows:

#1 A Computer Based:

  • – Valid and acceptable ID
  • – Authorization voucher
  • – Confirmation email which includes the location and the time for the test.

#2 A Paper Based:

  • – Valid and acceptable identification
  • – Your confirmation email which you got after the registration.
  • – More than three sharpened no. 2 or HB pencils and a good and clean eraser. These supplies won’t be provided at the test center. Pens and mechanical pencils are not allowed.

In the test center you also will have ID verification that may include:

  • Biometric voice and photo identification
  • Videotaping
  • Fingerprinting/thumb printing
  • Signature comparison

If you are unable to be verified, you cannot join the test and you will forfeit the test fees.

How Long Should I Study for the GRE?

As it mentioned before, there is no exact time measurement for how long you should prepare for GRE. One thing for sure you should know the steps of setting goals in taking GRE. Here you are the details:

#1 Find Out Which Score You Should Target At.

If you meet your score goal, it should be above the acceptable score range for the schools you target for.

#2 Take a Practice GRE and Score by Yourself.

It is for measuring your ability in doing GRE. Take the practice using the real time of the exam to get the most accurate score. Your Verbal and Quantitative sections will be scored automatically and there are scoring guides for Analytical Writing section.

#3 Find Out How Much You Need to Study to Reach Your Score Goal.

After finding out your real GRE score through the simulation, you should know how much you study for each section. Here is the rough estimation of how many hours you should study for raising your score:

  • 5 points = 40 hours
  • 10 points = 80 hours
  • 20 points = 160 hours
  • 30 points = 240 hours

Online Nursing PhD Programs No GRE

Nursing scientists and researchers now are in great demand to inform the best nursing practices, test new strategies and also explore the complex patient problems to improve the safety of patients and increase the quality of health care. Therefore, many nurses are interested in taking PhD online plus no GRE to simplify the study.The courses of PhD include:

  • Development of Advanced Research Methods
  • Philosophy of Science and Theory
  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Chronic Illness and Care Systems
  • Longitudinal and Qualitative Research Methods

The examples of university that feature the online PhD in nursing programs are:

  • Bradley University
  • North Central University
  • Benedictine University

Finally, if you are interested in learning about the entrance exams for a Master’s in Nursing program especially GRE, you might be a highly competitive candidate when you are well-prepared. The good scores of on the exam will help so you need to maintain an excellent GPA at the undergraduate level. In addition, get the best-related work experience which you can get from volunteer work, an internship, or full or part time employment. This will benefit you to be more marketable program candidate. Who’s Enrolling in RN to BSN Program?.

Top 10 No GRE PhD Universities

No-GRE PhD programs are a recent phenomenon, as universities have decided to break out of their long fixation on standardized testing. Online educators have been quickest to do away with the GRE requirement, instead admitting students on the merits of their experience, motivation, and other factors. The 10 universities offering the most no-GRE PhD degree programs – ranked in order of the number of degrees offered – are:

1. Northcentral University
2. Grand Canyon University
3. Liberty University
4. Capella University
5. Concordia University Portland
6. Walden University
7. Argosy University
8. Colorado Technical University
9. Georgia State University
10. University of the Rockies

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