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Best Accredited RN to BSN Online Programs

VCU nurse practitioner program

Best Accredited RN to BSN Online Programs

Nowadays, the day-to-day responsibilities of an RN are typically straight-forward. The general tasks include the administering medicines and/or treatments, creating care plans, assessing the condition of their patients, performing diagnostic tests, teaching patients to manage their injuries and consulting with doctors.

To become an RN, you should take three common paths: a diploma program, AND or an associate degree in nursing, BSN or a Bachelor of Science. All of those paths lead you to earn an RN licensure, but the BSN pays higher administrative positions. It is because the healthcare system now becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex. The nurses are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree. Benefits of Earning Your RN-to-BSN Degree

Therefore, RN to BSN online programs are the excellent solution for this phenomenon. You can take the next steps professionally and move into a more important role with more power and responsibility. To earn an RN to BSN program, you should choose the accredited program which is approved and fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Wondering what the best are accredited RN to BSN online programs all over the world? Here are some data of the best accredited RN to BSN online program which are NCLEX pass rate of their graduates.

What Are the Top Online RN to BSN Programs?

The top five and the best accredited RN to BSN online programs in the United States are:

University of Oklahoma

Offering both part time and full time track for the students, University of Oklahoma have different starting dates every year. The courses include: Community-focused Nursing, Contemporary Professional learning, Leadership in Nursing Practice and Human Experience of Disability. Tuition is 316 dollars per credit hour.

Ohio State University

The curriculum has various nursing courses such as Foundational and Contemporary Issues for RNs, Cultural Competence in Healthcare, Evolving Concepts in Nursing Leadership and Management. It offers part-time and full-time and the tuition is  387 dollars per credit hour.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Its curriculum is a mix of general education classes with the required major courses. They have Nursing Research, Integrated Concepts in Nursing Practice, Family and Community Health Concepts and Transition and the Professional Nursing Role. Penn State also have acceleration program with 7,5 week format. The tuition is 555 dollars per credit hour.

University of Arkansas

The RN to BSN program is renowned Eleanor Mann School of Nursing. It offers 29 credit hours which can be completed online including a project-based practicum. It is accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education with 246 dollars per credit hour.

Florida International University

It offers the program from the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences. There a part-time and a dull-time option for the students. The courses include Psychosocial Nursing, Concepts and Issues, Nursing in Global Health Care Systems and Care of Communities. The tuition is 247 dollars per credit hour.

Those are the top five and best accredited RN to BSN online programs in the United States. However, if you are in the states of Virginia, Minneapolis, Wisconsin and California continue to read through as follows. How Long Is RN To BSN Program?

RN to BSN Online Nursing Program